Beautifully designed ceiling canopies can be the most stunning addition to your venue space. Whether it’s with fairy lights, festoon lighting, chandeliers or paper lanterns, we can extravagantly enhance your venue from floor to ceiling. Add some ceiling drapes alongside the canopy accessories to really unleash the venues maximum potential.

Fairy Light Canopy Installation

Fairy light canopies are a great way to accentuate a naturally beautiful venue and can be in a linear or radial formation.

Festoon Canopy Installation

Festoon lighting adds a warm and relaxed feel to your wedding, by providing a soft, ambient light swooping across your venue.

Chandelier Installation

Our blossom and glass chandeliers work beautifully as a centre point for fairy light and ceiling drape canopies, or even on their own as a spectacular focal point.

Paper Lantern Installation

Paper lanterns give a charismatic effect to your event and as well as adding that sometimes much needed splash of colour to match your theme, they add a great dynamic to the decor too.