Whether it’s a village hall, a plain marquee or basic conference space, a little bit of draping, lighting, props and decor can completely transform a bland venue. Each and every outcome is different, down to the venue and your personal style, there are so many options to achieve the best possible look for your big day!

More Weddings white wall drapes
More Weddings white wall drapes

Transform your venue with our beautiful full length wall drapes

We are specialists in creative venue draping techniques, offering everything from drape hire, creative designs and even building and fitting drapes and textures to enhance any wedding on many different levels.

Hire our wall draping services for your special day. Whatever the venue, we have a vast range of options and materials available to create bespoke venue drapery fitting your wedding theme. 



More Weddings white wall drapes

In the image above we dressed a wedding onboard the HMS President- you wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s a ship!

If you wish to have swags around the top of your wall drape this can also be added to your drape design.

All of our drapes are professionally steamed on site once installed to give you that crisp and clean finish.

We have pipe and drape systems for venues without attachment points. This is a free standing piece of equipment that enables drape to be hung anywhere in a venue. This is also great if you want to section off particular areas of the venue as seen in the image above.

The finishing touch to our room drapes are our up-lighters. We have the ability to control the colour of the lights to give you the shade that you are after to match your wedding theme.

More Weddings white and red wall drapes

If you wish to add colour with your room drapes then this can be accommodated for as all of our drapes are manufactured in the UK and made to measure for your venue in house. We can match drapes to any colour scheme you have in mind, even down to the pantone. This particular wedding had some red draping in addition to their white wall drapes to match their wedding colours. 

More Weddings white tack-off wall drapes

As well as our pleated drapery service, we can also install tack off linings if this is your preferred style choice. Tack off linings can give either a neatly pleated look or a flat ‘wall paper’ like design as seen in the image above. This particular event was set in a marquee, however due to the wall and ceiling drape it was completely transformed into a stylish and modern setting.