Ceiling and wall drapes are a great way to enhance your wedding theme colours and completely transform your venue.

We are specialists in creative draping techniques and temporary fabric installations, offering everything from drape hire, creative designs and even building and fitting drapes and textures to enhance any wedding on many different levels.

Whatever the venue, we have a vast range of options and materials available to create a bespoke wall and ceiling drapery. 

Venue Wall Draping

Our bespoke wedding draping services provide a huge transformation for any space or event; tailoring to your needs and venue space. 

Linear Horizontal Ceiling Drapes

Drape is attached to the ceiling in a linear fashion, creating neat rows running along either the width or the length of your venue.

Radial Horizontal Ceiling Drapes

These ceiling swags are installed from a central point and draped out to the outside of the room.

Vertical Ceiling Drapes

Usually installed from a central point and draped out to the outside of the room, the fabric used for vertical ceiling swags is normally gathered at the central point and left to drop to it’s full width vertically and tail to the outside of the room.

Fairy Light Curtain

Our fairy light curtains are created by using several different layers of fabric and fairy lights to produce a high quality fairy light curtain tailor made to your venue. 

Streamer Installation

Streamers are another really effective and fun way of injecting some colour into your wedding theme. They’re also a perfect decor choice if your’re after a carnival vibe.