Streamer installation

Streamers are another really effective and fun way of injecting some colour into your wedding theme. They’re also a perfect decor choice if your’re after a carnival vibe.

Wedding ceiling streamers
wedding ceiling streamers


Hire our ceiling streamer installation services for your special day. To achieve the correct effect, 20cm wide strips of fabric are draped in a length of your choice. They can run from one side of the venue to the other or cover a specific area such as the dance floor. To define and highlight the drape lines, fairy light strings or festoon lighting can be run in between the streamers.



wedding ceiling streamers

Fairy lights were run alongside black and white streamers in the image pictured above.

If you wish to add colour with your ceiling streamers then this can be accommodated for as all of our streamers are manufactured in the UK and made to measure for your venue in house. We can match streamers to any colour scheme you have in mind, even down to the pantone. The event pictured in the image above matched their streamers to their table centres and ran festoon lighting alongside to add a touch of sparkle.