We love it when a couple comes to us with a vision of their wedding day and it’s not your run of mill wedding style. We embrace the unique, creative and quirky and do our very best to bring their alternative vision to life! Eva & Kitty trusted us with their vision of a gothic, night and nature-inspired vibe. The couple used deep red tones, rich lace, black fabric, gold stars and foliage to create the perfect midnight garden. 

As featured on Rock n Roll Bride, see more here!

Our thrones were used as a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony which also provided the ultimate seating for the bride and groom. This is defintely an ‘out of the box’ decor choice but awesome none the less. It’s a feature that stands out and is sure to wow your wedding guests.

A fairy light ceiling canopy with foliage was installed to match the midnight garden vibe. It hung above the guests during the ceremony, which would later be turned into the focal point over the dance floor for the reception. 

Also installed by us were luxurious red velour entrance drapes with gold tassels to create an amazing first impression. Entrance drapes create a stuning visual for your guests from the very beginning. They also created a sense of drama to match the theme of the wedding. 

Photography courtesy of Dalius Photography