If you’re seeking to infuse warmth, sophistication, and a touch of rustic charm into your special day, consider embracing a neutral and rust colour palette. This timeless combination evokes a sense of romance and cosiness, creating an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to celebrate. Here’s how you can incorporate this captivating palette into your wedding décor, lighting, and furniture hire.

Setting the Scene with Décor

Aisle Style

As your guests eagerly await your grand entrance down the aisle, set the scene with enchanting aisle decorations. Brass lanterns and copper votives line the pathway each aglow with the soft flicker of candlelight. Intersperse the lanterns and votives with clusters of pillar candles in varying heights, nestled within foliage or delicate floral arrangements.


Dress your tables with neutral tablecloths or rust runners as a base. Then, incorporate copper accents through foliage, votives & vases. Add in our glass candlesticks and white LED dinner candles for some balance. Consider adding natural elements like wooden log slices or eucalyptus to enhance the rustic charm. 


Create a stunning focal point for your ceremony or reception with a ceiling adorned with draped fabrics in neutral tones and festoon lighting. Add touches of rust throughout for a romantic and memorable ambiance.

Illuminating the Romance with Lighting


Embrace the soft glow of candlelight to add warmth and intimacy to your wedding venue. Line your aisles with pillar candles in brass lanterns or place votive candles on tables for a romantic ambiance that complements the colour palette beautifully.

Fairy Lights or Festoon Lights

Illuminate your outdoor or indoor reception space with twinkling string lights to create a magical atmosphere. Choose warm white to enhance the golden hues of the rust accents, casting a flattering glow over your celebration.


Enhance the depth and richness of your colour palette by using uplighting in neutral tones such as ivory, taupe, or champagne or amber. Strategically placed uplights can highlight architectural features, floral arrangements, and focal points, adding dimension and drama to your décor.

Elevating Comfort and Style with Furniture Hire

Lounge Areas

Create inviting lounge areas where guests can relax and mingle throughout the celebrations. For a rustic feel, choose rustic sofas, cube seats, benches and coffee tables. For a modern aesthetic choose furniture upholstered in neutral velour fabrics like our velvet range in mink. You could even choose our hairpin range upholstered in white leatherette with copper hairpin legs. Introduce rust cushions, neutral herringbone blankets, and area rugs to infuse warmth and personality into these cosy spaces.

Bar Furniture

No wedding celebration is complete without a stylish bar area where guests can toast to your love. To complement your neutral and rust/burnt orange palette, consider incorporating eye-catching bar furniture that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your reception space. For a dose of shimmering elegance, opt for a copper glitter bar that exudes opulence and modernity. This dazzling centerpiece will captivate your guests’ attention and serve as a stunning focal point for your reception. Pair it with sleek white bar stools for a chic contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic. Alternatively, a pristine white bar offers a timeless and sophisticated look that seamlessly blends with your neutral color scheme. For couples seeking a blend of rustic charm and modernity, a wooden pallet bar paired with copper Tolix stools offers the perfect balance. 

Accent Furniture

Incorporate accent furniture pieces such as wooden barrels to display floral arrangements, guest books, or dessert stations. Embellish these pieces with touches of rust for a cohesive and curated look.

By incorporating a neutral and rust colour palette into your wedding décor, lighting, and furniture hire, you can create a captivating ambiance that reflects your personal style and sets the stage for a memorable celebration. Whether you’re exchanging vows surrounded by lush florals or dancing the night away under twinkling lights, embrace the warmth and elegance of this timeless palette as you embark on this beautiful journey together.