Artificial Trees Wedding Styling

What better way to showcase our beautiful artificial trees than with a collaboration with Buckingham’s & Inposa. The aim of this styled shoot was to bring the outside into the stunning Orangery at Rushton Hall, so there had to be trees and plenty of foliage.

Many couples incorporate wooden details to achieve a rustic charm look when choosing artificial trees to dress their wedding venue, however this photoshoot reflected a more modern botanical style.

Our realistic artificial ficus trees were chosen to match the refined colour palette of classic white and green, creating sophisticated elegance that is timeless and unforgettable. The fresh green ficus trees were a perfect contrast to the monochromatic details of the grey furniture, white room and aisle carpet and chrome and glass finishing touches.

 A mixture of different sized ficus trees ranging from 6ft to 4m were used, as a combination of low and tall always makes it visually interesting.

The styled shoot consisted of a ficus tree lined aisle with clusters of chrome lanterns, glass vases, candles, and foliage. Followed by trees and artificial ferns placed around the orangery and dining tables for what would be the reception.

Artificial trees are one of our favourite ways to decorate wedding venues, they are the perfect prop if you want to take stunning wedding photos and ideal for areas like the top table (take a look at our canopy trees) or to line your aisles, and, because they are freestanding, can be set up in pretty much any part of the venue.

Adding trees into a large space immediately adds an intimacy, as well as adding depth and elegance. They’re a cost-effective way to add a new dimension to your wedding decorations and something that guests will certainly appreciate and remember.

And that’s not all, if you’re following a theme or colour scheme, they can tie into multiple styles such as Autumn with our Autumn leaf trees.


Mediterranean, with our lemon, orange, olive and bougainvillea trees.

Or even add a touch of Christmas charm with our frozen trees.

Finally, we love the idea of having a show-stopper tree to add to the opulence of your wedding. A single, statement tree 4m tree with a wraparound bar is a certified winner to impress your guests.